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Tumbling classes:

Allow your young acrobat, dancer, cheerleader, or gymnast to get more practice on his or her floor tumbling skills. Beginner through advanced classes are offered in our location, so your child will feel comfortable no matter their skill level or experience.


Tumbling is designed for children 4 years old and up, who are involved in a variety of different sports in order to cross train.

Cross training

Are you involved in a sport but want to improve? Tumbling classes are a great way to build up your strength, flexibility, and endurance and help you succeed in areas like cheerleading, swimming, martial arts, or wrestling.

All ages and ability levels

Our Tumbling classes officially start for children at age 4, but can continue for almost all ages. Helping to improve many areas of the body, but most importantly focus on flexibility and strength. We offer classes beginning at level 1 of tumbling, all the way up to our adult (18 and over) classes.

Sign your child up for tumbling classes throughout the year! We don't take any breaks for the summer. You can enjoy fun tumbling classes without any break or delay in the schedule.

The Elite Center in South East Texas  for gymnastics and tumbling. 


Skills away from the apparatus

Tumbling classes step away from the gymnastics apparatus and concentrates on Floor Exercise-type tumbling skills. These include flexibility, conditioning, strength, and use of the Tumbletrak (our 40-foot long trampoline).



Class REQUIRED Attire


Black sports bra


Black athletic shorts or cheer shorts


Solid Blue or Teal tank top


(Tennis shoes/cheer shoes are optional)

Join students from all of southeast texas that are enjoying their classes at HHGC.

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